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We Decorate Your Life!

Our custom upholstery, home furnishings and décor bring elegance to your home and garden.  Sophisticated collections of fine apparel, jewelry, shoes and handbags enhance your personal style.  Our distinctive table top and gift ideas make every occasion special.  At both Loggia Home and Garden and Loggia On the Beach, you’ll discover variety, value and timeless essentials that inspire the way you live!



Advertisement from April 2019 issue of Vero Beach Magazine



Loggia, Vero Beach’s premier lifestyle store, is renowned for curating items of good taste for every occasion.             

Just steps from the Atlantic on fashionable Ocean Drive, Loggia offers exquisite apparel, fashion accessories, table top, home decor and distinctive gifts as well as upholstery, furniture, lighting, rugs, pillows and more.  

Displaying carefully culled merchandise from around the world, it has become a unique shopping destination.  “Many of our customers travel from communities outside the area, making a day of it with friends.  One group of five sisters visits every year from Orlando and they call ahead to let us know they are coming,” says owner Sandra How.  

“We fill every square inch with something interesting and artfully presented.  Our customers love how we pair the unexpected together,” she adds.  A unique combination of fashion and home décor ensures that Loggia truly offers something for every taste.  From custom upholstery and one-of-a-kind table top pieces, to Italian-made jewelry and hand bags, to cashmere and floral, Loggia offers an endless variety of beautiful merchandise.

"For many customers returning each season, Loggia is their first stop.  Often before they even unpack!”, How says.  It’s a place where ‘snowbirds’ who winter in Vero Beach catch up on news and shop for upcoming events all at the same time.   They count on running into each other here.   Shopping here is a social occasion."

“At the end of season, as our customers make one last trip to the stores before heading home for the summer, they tell us how they can’t wait to get back next season to see what new goodies we’ve gotten in.”  Many don’t frequent the shops at home, preferring to shop for most everything they need here at Loggia instead.  “We do a lot of shipping in the off-season,” says How.

How's buying skills and her eye for the unusual have earned the stores a respectable reputation.  Customers often ask who does the buying as they browse in awe, navigating the sensory overload of fashion and home accessories.  “Our shoppers frequently tell us they just love everything in here and would like one of everything,” she laughs.

The discerning eye that makes How renowned as a buyer and merchandiser is also the key to her success as an interior designer.  She creates impeccable home interiors pulling from the distinctive inventory she maintains in her stores and warehouse.  Designing custom retreats for customers from around the country is something she loves.  “Good design is something that evolves,” she says.

Loggia visitors love meandering from room to room exploring our sophisticated and creative displays.  She muses, “We love sharing ideas for how to put together the latest fashions, table top and home décor.  Many shoppers are not good at visualizing so they come to us for inspiration.”

Loggia, synonymous with stylish apparel and accessories for women, also offers a small men’s corner.  “You’ll find almost everything under the Sun here,” she laughs.